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The Gospel of John 16:7-13

Our investigation of theological themes today continues with the ‘Doctrine of the Holy Spirit’.

Sadly this doctrine has become the most misunderstood or a controversial topic in the contemporary church. The controversy is so deep often this doctrine is used by some Christians to measure the spirituality of others.

Why this wonderful doctrine has become such a controversial one? My answer to this is very simple and limited to just one word, the word ‘EMPHASIS’.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit has two aspects: the Person of the Holy Spirit and the Work of the Holy Spirit. Those who falls under the evangelical tradition or the non-Charismatic tradition emphasises the first. This is why you often hear the phase such as ‘do not grieve the Holy Spirit’ or ‘be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit etc,.

However those who are on the opposite side, that is, those who fall under Pentecostal-Charismatic tradition emphasises the latter that is the ‘Work of the Holy Spirit’. This is why your hear phases such as ‘have you received the Holy Spirit’ or ‘do you have the power of the Holy Spirit’ or ‘do you speak in tongues’ etc,.

The simple solution to this problem is to emphasise both. This approach will benefit the Church greatly.

My intention today is to present ‘God the Holy Spirit’ in a holistic manner. I want to emphasise him as a Person who Indwells and Empowers believers. Different portions of Scripture are needed to investigate this valuable truth.

This was recorded on 11th of March, 2012

Preached by Pas. Benet Surendran in English

Translated in Tamil by Shreetharan

Translated in Sinhala by Pas. Ajit Perera

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