About the Church

Grace Evangelical Church is a unique congregation seeking to serve the Lord in Sri Lanka. We are situated at Rajasinghe Road, Wellawatta. As a church, we desire to be a biblically-based congregation that seek to apply gospel truth to the issues and needs faced by the society we live in. As such, we are thankful to God that we are a Multi-ethnic community able to minister to all those needs and concerns together and so exhibit the reality of the true unity spoken of in Galatians 3:28-There is [now no distinction] neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus, that is possible in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Locality & The Nature of the Church

Welcome to our community which tries to live out the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in every area of our life. We are not saying we have achieved this and that we are a perfect community.

Rather, we want to tell you that we are moving towards this fullness not by our own strength but by His Call and Preservation. By His Grace and Strength, we love our Redeemer who gave His life for us and endeavour to love our neighbours as He has commanded us.

We were in darkness, we were selfish, and caught up with the many attractions of this world, but now we are no more slaves to sin. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has set us free. We want to share with you that same experience that has brought hope, peace and real meaning to our lives. The Doctrinal Position of the Church

The Grace Evangelical Church by her name sums up her doctrinal position.

Grace simply indicates that we believe and preach the doctrines of divine grace as enshrined in the Scriptures and that we hold strongly to our Protestant Reformed heritage.

Evangelical means that we hold to the Bible, the Word of God as sufficient for faith and practice. We glory in the Scriptures, the autonomy and independence of the local church, a regenerate church membership and we administer believers’ baptism by immersion.

Our History

It was in 1977 that the Grace Evangelical Church (known as “Grace”) was constituted as a fellowship of believers. The Church came into being from a home Bible Study held on a Saturday morning for the purpose of expounding the teaching contained in the Word of God to interested believers. Here the work grew as more believers began to attend. We also had a growing number of those who were converted through these studies.

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On Sunday, January 22, 1978 this community held its first service at the present premises but in an older building taken on rent. Later in 1984 the church purchased the property and in God’s time and providence the old building was demolished, and its place the present one arose. In 1978 the church began with only an English congregation, but God prospered His ministry at “Grace” and today we have three congregations in each of the languages with a Minister in charge of each one. Therefore by God’s grace many have been led to a knowledge of our saviour, thus enabling this community to be a beacon of hope and peace in this area.

Our Uniqueness

  • The Grace Evangelical Church is a thoroughly WORD based ministry where the expository preaching and teaching of the Bible is given prominence. Therefore, in our worship services all other functions of worship - i.e. singing, reading and praying - are arranged in such a way as to prepare the worshiper to hear and receive God's message through the ministry of preaching.

  • We at Grace Evangelical also hold fast to the character of church life described for us in Acts 2:41-45 and 1 Corinthians 12 and we seek to practice such principles by God's grace as far as is humanly possible for us.

  • We hold to the historical 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith which is our established confession of faith. We firmly believe that all of life is gifted to us by the Sovereign Lord our Father and is equally sacred in every part and is to be lived for His glory and the blessing of His creation.


  • “Ajit Perera was born in March 29th 1959 into the family that was deeply rooted in the Anglican Church. He had his primary education at St. Thomas' Preparatory School, Colombo 00300 and continued his studies at Trinity College, Kandy, which he firmly believes is the very best school of all. Pastor Ajit is an alumni of the North American Baptist College (Latterly Taylor University College) of Edmonton, Canada Pastor Ajit Perera

  • “The grace of God embraced Benet in the early part of nineteen eighties. He first started worshiping at the Grace Evangelical church in 1981 and became one of its elders in 1988.He is a graduate of Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Benet and his wife Esther have two sons Philip and Andrew. His interests include theology, philosophy, culture and current affairs in politics. Pastor Benet Surendran