About the Programs of Church

This centers on the Sunday Services which are held in each of the three languages. In these we always seek to glorify God through biblical worship and the preaching of God’s Word. In worship hymns are sung, the Scriptures are read, prayer is offered to God and offerings for the work of God are made. The greater part of each service is given over to systematic expository preaching of the Bible. We believe these things to be integral elements of proper worship.

We aim at making all the services interesting and meaningful, but make no attempt to entertain. The services are held in each of the three languages of the country so as to make corporate worship more meaningful and less cumbersome. There are special services held from time to time where all three congregations come together to worship God. Prayer meetings and Bible studies are held on Sundays as well as on weekdays in each of the three languages. Some of these are held at the church premises and some in the homes of our members.

Combined Services:

Every first Sunday of the each month is a combined worship service where all three communities, i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and English, gather together for worship and Bible study. The combined service is followed by a time of combined and united prayer after which we share in a fellowship meal at which time we enjoy extended and joyful fellowship.

The purposes of the combined worship service are:

  • To acknowledge our ONENESS in Christ and to affirm the declaration of Galatians 3:28 that we are primarily and fore mostly Christians, the Children of God, and secondarily, those belonging to our various ethnic groups.
  • To ensure that the whole church grows together in her faith.
  • To be an example of the possibility that true unity can be fostered and maintained in the midst of the diversity that makes up our country.

Sunday School

Every Sunday our kids join together in a combined Sunday School (11.15 a.m. to 12 noon) where the Lessons are conducted in all three languages. This is our attempt to break down the barriers of ethnicity among our little ones so that they will grow up with the ability to live within a multi-ethnic society in harmony with each other and respect for the diversity in others and so become torch-bearers for a united society in this country.

The Sunday School caters to the ages 3+ to 17 using the proven Sunday School curriculum"Lessons for Life" authored by Mrs. Jill Masters of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England.

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Bible Studies:

In our Bible studies we seek to exposit the Word of God so as to seek answers for the various social concerns we come face to face as we live our daily lives. Weekly studies are held in the differing language mediums and on the first Sunday of every month we conduct a combined Bible study where all three communities in the church meet together to study the Bible together.

The weekly studies are:

  • English - directly after the Sunday service - 10.45 a.m. - 12 noon
  • Tamil - directly after the Sunday Service -
  • Sinhala - Home Bible Studies held on: - Tuesdays at Kotte (18.30) ; 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Mount Lavinia (18:15)

Lord's Day Schedule

  • Sunday Worship Service:

  • Combined Service:

    Every first Sunday of each month in Sihala, Tamil & English at 9.30AM.

  • All other Sundays,

  • Tamil - 8.15 AM

  • Sinhala - 8.30 AM

  • English - 9.30 AM

  • Sunday School:

    Every Sunday at 11.15 AM in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

  • Bible Studies

  • Tamil - 10.45 Am

  • English - 10.45 Am

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Tamil - 7.05AM to 7.50AM & 10.00AM to 10.45AM

  • Sinhala - 10.45 Am