“The Heart of Christian Leadership”

“The Heart of Christian Leadership issues a call for Christian Leaders to have the character of Jesus in their lives and ministries. The book is filled with practical ways that leaders can grow in character and looks at motives, truthfulness, forgiveness, leaving well and others.” (Book Description from AMAZON)

Author: Jon Byler

Educated at: Regent University

Currently: International Coordinator at Global LEAD Alliance

Jon Byler has been developing and refining material for the church, especially leaders, for most of his life. His book on “The Heart of Christian Leadership” is absolutely EPIC – there is no other word to describe this Chris exalting work that challenges Christians in the pulpit and the pew to take a good heard look at how they lead their people/families. Byler contends that Christian Leadership MUST imitate the leadership practice of the Lord Jesus. The book is so very refreshing because it forces us to realize the Biblical reality that the symbol of our leadership, the dictating factor, is neither Crown nor whip, but the basin and towel. This is a view of leadership that is sorely lacking in the modern church, where pastors rule as kings receiving the humble servitude of their congregants; strutting on “high places” to fulfill their own agenda’s and build their own Kingdoms.

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“A reader says: “I lead a mission organization that works with pastors in developing countries so I am familiar with the challenges that Christian leaders face. This is the best book I know on character development for leaders. Rather than wasting time warning against obvious sins, the author compels us to look honestly at our hearts and challenges us to Biblical standards of integrity. He gives practical advice on the issues that leaders struggle with most. Highly recommended!””

“That is such a honest review of this work. . The book provides practical advice with concrete applications to unlock your full leadership potential. If you want your church to grow in Christlikeness; if you want to lead people to live IN CHRIST to God’s glory. Then this is an absolute MUST read’.”

“May the Lord use this book for the advance and growth of His kingdom in this temporal world.”

Best Regards to All